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Motorcycle Race Foam Seat Yamaha R6 2017+

Motorcycle Race Foam Seat Yamaha R6 2017+


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This model-specific pre-cut 20mm Thick adhesive seat foam suits the YAMAHA R6 2017+

Our Foam Race Seat Foams are 100% brand new and they are the easy and simple solution to padding up your race tail. Forget buying expensive pieces of foam and then cutting to shape and gluing. Our pre-cut self-adhesive seat foams take all the work out of making a seat for your race tail and leave you with a good-looking, simple, and functional seat that takes only minutes to fit.


1 Piece, Black, Premium quality motorcycle race foam seat. 

Fitting Instructions:
Before fitting the foam make sure that the area that you intend to stick it to is clean and free from contaminants such as oil and grease. We do not advise fitting the seat foam to the tail until it has been painted, glue from the foam can be very hard to remove if you intend to paint at a later date. Our Seat Foam comes with a peel-off sticky side that you can use to attach it to the tail. It is important to note that the glue on the foam must be activated with a heat gun or hair dryer for it to adhere correctly to the tail.

Peel away the protective paper then use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the surface of the tail and the glue on the seat foam. You need to get the glue quite warm but not so hot that you burn the foam or the tail. Once you have it warm enough place the seat foam in position and get someone to help you apply pressure to the foam while you tape it in position. Place some clean rags over the seat foam first so that the tape does not mark it. Make sure the tape you use is strong enough to hold the foam firmly to the tail and allow it to cure overnight or for at least 12 hours.

If you find that for whatever reason the foam will not stick then, such as around a tight radius near the edge, then you may need to use additional glue to hold it in place. Also, some bikes have under-seat mufflers that can get very hot and melt the glue on the seat foam. If you think you will have this problem then you may need to use extra adhesive. We recommend Bostik Contact Bond - it's a good contact adhesive that will not melt/separate under excessively hot conditions. It's available from most hardware stores.

New softer formula seat foam

  • More flexible
  • Easier to fit, especially around tight radius bends
  • More comfortable
  • Looks like a professional-looking finish


Please note: The self-adhesive layer on our seat foams is heat-activated and may not remain sticky under excessively hot conditions. If you intend on using our seat foam on a bike that has an under-tail exhaust that causes excessive heat we advise using some heat shield on the underside of the tail, if this is not effective it is also possible to glue the seat foam on using a contact adhesive such as Bostik Contact Bond that will be less affected by the heat of the exhaust

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